Wood And Composite Deck Cleaning

We clean decks almost every day with the lowest pressure available to get the job done. We can purely use our low pressure cleaning system on your composite deck avoiding all damage to the surface. Most composite deck manufacturers and installers will tell you that pressure washing is not recommended as this can damage your composite deck. This system of cleaners will remove that build up gently and extend the time needed between another wash. Follow the manufacturers warning and hire us to perform the low pressure cleaning.

On wooden decks we apply our low pressure cleaners and depending on the severity of the buildup it may be enough. However a lot of times it needs to be followed up with a medium pressure clean to break the grip of the algae on your wooden deck. This gets your wooden deck ready to be followed with a coat of stain or paint depending on what you’re looking for. We can direct you to a qualified painter we use in your area to follow up our cleaning. We no longer are available to stain decks as we normally have a full schedule with just exterior cleaning.

We also clean pool decks and surrounds with our low pressure cleaning process. We use this process to loosen the dirt and then rinse it off the deck and away from the pool.