Stucco and Dryvit Cleaning

If you have stucco or dryvit on your homes exterior you know full well the damage high pressure or even wind can cause. In fact the builder that installed your homes exterior probably already told you pressure washing is not an option for your exterior.

Now your exterior is looking green or streaky with black mold and you don’t know what to do. You know high pressure is out of the question, but what about a low pressure? We use extremely low pressure on your home which is like a gentle rain. This extremely low pressure is used to apply our industry standard, gentle cleaners that will remove those stains safely without harming your exterior. Once the cleaner has done its job we gently rinse the exterior and you’re left with a new looking home. These types of surfaces tend to want to stain much easier than siding or other exterior options. Do not leave this build up on your homes exterior for long periods of time unless you are willing to deal with permanent stains.